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How to choose laser power

1.Generally If you want to engraving and cutting, you can choose 80W 90W and 100W.

2.If mainly used for cutting and materials is thick, can choose 150W (Reci S6)

Why to choose like this:

Because of small power the laser beam and spot is thin, it can engraving with a high precision for the engraving effect will fine. And big power the beam and spot is thick, it can cut thick materials, so if you want to cut, big power will better.

Why choose a double-head machine:

1.If you want to improve your productivity, you can choose a machine that two heads with same power. Two heads working at same time, the work efficiency will be double.

2.If you want to do fine engraving and cutting thick materials, you can choose double heads. One head is 60W and other head is 150W. 60W used for precision engrave, the other is 150W mainly for cutting the thick material.